robert redford after plastic surgeryEver so rare, there comes an actor that has your sisters, your mother, your grandmother and yourself staring simultaneously at the T.V, not because your favorite soap opera is on, but because there is one stunningly handsome man whose beauty no one, absolutely no one can refute.

Robert Redford, an actor, businessman, philanthropist, film director, and producer is one such man. He is one of the most classically handsome men whose face and body get even the men, to step aside.

It is his looks and enviable talent that earned him a place in the artistic world where he debuted in 1959 taking up television roles such as “The Untouchables”. His looks ensure that his movies and shows got good ratings.

Robert Redford before after plastic surgery

Redford, now 77, retired from the acting scene but it goes without saying that he still looks amazing for his age. Given his hometown- Santa Monica, California, and his naturally fair skin, the man obviously had a disadvantage in that he would age faster owing to the extreme exposure to the sun.

However, now that he is older, Redford looks about 20 years younger, impossible. The former star has time and again rebuked the idea of undergoing plastic surgery and the obsession people have with it insisting that he would never go under the knife as he wanted to age gracefully.

But did he really mean it?

Robert Redford before and after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery works for some people especially when it does not seem too obvious. For others, however, the procedure generates hideous results, it all depends. For Robert, although he might deny it, it is evident he had some help from science and it’s not just in the genes. For starters, Robert must have had an eyelift. His eyes appear to be more open, alert and refreshed for a man his age. Doctors speculate that he had work done on both his upper and lower eyelids to remove extra sagging skin.

It is also rumored that Robert Redford had a facelift plastic surgery, fillers, and a Botox injection to eliminate wrinkles from his face. Come on, what kind of a 70-year-old does not have forehead wrinkles? One that has had plastic surgery of course.

The suspicion of cosmetic surgery came about when people started noticing that the star looked younger than what would be expected of an aging man. When his new look compared to his previous photos, he had definitely altered something.

robert redford

One should note however that the attractive actor was very subtle in his surgery in that his skin is not totally wrinkle-free, and not frozen into place, he maintains that natural look while basking in the great effect the surgery has had on him.

I must say that Robert Redford truly knows what he is doing even though he appears to have a change of heart in his “No surgery” decision.

All in the ’60s star has had an astounding impact on our movie industry and should definitely thank his lucky stars that the surgeries had the results that were expected of them. Not everyone gets to look that fine late into his 70s.