Rumer Willias plastic surgeryWhen you are the daughter to the two most successful celebrities in Hollywood, you will be under constant media scrutiny even when u don’t call for it.

Rumer Willis born in 1988, aged 24 is the eldest daughter to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore from their 13-year-old marriage that saw the birth of three daughters.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery has never been confirmed but It’s rumored that the actress has had jaw surgery and collagen filled in her lips.

Rumer proceeded to take on her parent’s footsteps and started acting, her debut being in 1995 alongside her mother, Demi Moore in “Now and Then”. Since then she has appeared in a good number of movies and TV shows and it’s clear that she got it in her blood, quite literally.

However, the young actress has not received the attention due to her performance in her acting career, unfortunately, rather from the fact that her parents are in fact, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Rumer is also known as a contestant on Dancing with the stars 2015 show.

Rumer Willis Dancing With The Stars

Lately, there has been speculation that Rumer may have already gone under the knife due to her changing appearance.

It probably doesn’t help that her mother has a reputation of undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries especially after she got married to the young actor Ashton Kutcher.

Moreover, it is quite clear Rumer did not exactly inherit the good looks from either of her parents who are both very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, she does look a lot like her mother and father at the same time, just not in a gorgeous kind of way.

Perhaps it is this thought that may have driven her to the doctors.

Rumer Willis transformation after plastic surgery pictures

Rumer Willis has a rather wide jawline which most people believe contribute to her not too catchy looks. However, lately, the jaw seems to have been chiseled down and narrowed by chin surgery giving a softer more feminine look to Rumer who has become noticeably more attractive.

The dark haired 24-year-old who loves to dye her hair red has consequently changed her hairstyle to suit her more glamorous look.

Rumer Willis before and after chin surgery

It is also rumored that the actress has had collagen filled in her lips to make them appear fuller and at some point had a boob job.

Apart from the chin job which is rather apparent and working for her, the other plastic surgeries are not very clear. Having said that, Rumer has never confirmed any cosmetic surgery having been done on her, therefore, the information is not really definite.

Who knows, perhaps she grew into her facial features.

Rumer Willis before and after photos lip augmentation

Rumer Williis before and after lip implants

Although compared to Jay Leno for so long, it may interest you to know that Rumer Willis was named one of PEOPLE’s 100 most beautiful back in 2008. Maybe the surgery paid off or she is truly beautiful.

One thing remains though, she is not her mother, and just because she underwent a single procedure doesn’t mean she will have a hundred more. Besides, she is old enough to know what is and what isn’t good for her. Unfortunately for her, the rumors are not about to stop thanks to her artistically strong background and celebrity parents.

She is nonetheless a lovely young lady and her famous blood will manifest itself in due time; for all the right reasons of course.

Rumer Willis after plastic surgery

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After