We all wish we could turn back time and enjoy the bodies and faces we had in our youth a little longer. Well modern day medicine has made it possible thanks to plastic surgery. Changing your looks to appear younger is no longer a far-fetched idea but a reality and no one is gladder to learn of this than Hollywood stars. The plastic surgery craze is growing each day among the people who can afford it with procedures costing thousands of dollars. Some people get minor procedures done but the likes of Britney Spears Plastic Surgery procedures changed singer’s whole facial appearance.

The 36 year old Grammy award winner is not new to controversy and it all began with rumors of her plastic surgery. Any “baby one more time” fan will tell you that the Britney that graced covers and billboards during that time had a different looking nose now than she does now. The change has been gradual and not dramatic meaning there is reason to believe that she has had more than one Rhinoplasty procedure. The mother of two now has a more pointed nose than the younger version of herself with a narrower bridge. It is quite nice and looks extremely natural and like it belongs.

The pop queen who lost custody of her son to the ex-husband, Kevin Federline, due to what was rumored to be a problem with substance abuse has also had some work done on her lips. Her fans went crazy when she introduced her new look for the first time in the summer of 2013. The sexy full lips got different reactions but majority of the people liked it. The new look was a result of lip fillers with some tabloids claiming to have gotten a confession from the McComb, Mississippi singer about having lip injections.

Unlike many stars in Hollywood who lie through their teeth when asked about having gone under the knife, even though it is evident, Britney Jean Spears embraces it and even told the world about her preferred doctor, Raj, who also attends to the needs of other Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston. While we are not sure if Dr. Raj does all of Britney’s procedures, we are sure that she does get regular Botox shotswhich she has to thank for her amazing flawless skin with no wrinkles or any type of lines after three decades on earth.

Britney who has also gotten liposuction done on her tummy is among the few people in the world who can brag of selling over thirteen million copies of their debut album, an accomplishment that got her listed on the Guinness World Records. She confessed to have gotten the procedure after she gave birth to get rid of the extra baby weight. Her high cheek bones also tell-tales of filler injections to her face to hide the effects of aging and drug associated issues.

The pop star has had major highs and lows having enjoyed superstardom status to taking a music hiatus to check into rehab at some point in her career, but amidst the struggles she still remains extremely beautiful thanks to the  Britney Spears Plastic Surgery procedures. Wouldn’t you agree?

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos