Lindsey Pelas is an actress and a model, born on 19th May 1991 in Loranger, Louisiana, United States. In her formative years, she once worked as a bartender in rural Lousiana. She has a bachelor’s degree in history and she has five sisters and three brothers. While in college it is when she started modeling.

To say Lindsey Pelas is a model is an understatement. She is among the few models who are famous. She has featured in many Playboy projects and photo shoots. She won the playboy’s cyber girl back in 2014. To say Lindsey breasts are big is an understatement. She has a 32DDD bust. She has done a video called ‘10 Big Boob Problems‘.

So what is this hullabaloo abut Lindsey Pelas plastic surgery?

Lindsey Pelas popularity rating shot up when she and Dan Bilzerian started ‘dating’ .This is due to the fact that this guy is a trust fund baby. Their dating is not actually well known. The two met at the Playboy Mansion where Dan made his personal business to be noticed by Lindsey. Dan went ahead to post photos after photos of her on Instagram. Although Lindsey Pelas is hesitant to talk about the two of them, she speaks well of him. The two haven’t been seen together in a very long time.

Due to the fast transformation that Lindsey has had, she has been the under probe. This is due to her young age. Rumors abound her having undergone some nip and tuck. The rumors insist that nose, and facial have undergone some procedures. This is due to the fact that Lindsey Pelas has numerous semi-nude photos circulating on the internet she has posted. This has led to many controversial observations been made against her.

The photos in question compare the latest photos of her posing for Playboy and former ones which look different to many people. People while positively identifying the breasts as fake, go ahead to suggest that Lindsey Pelas has had plastic surgery done on her face. This rumor is gaining ground due to an absence of deniability on her part. Although she claims that her 30H breasts are natural she has never addressed the plastic surgery on her face.

People are certain that she has had buccal fat removal, nose job, lip injections, veneers, liposuction and jaw shaving. She has passionately denied these allegations. Like most celebrities who have has some nip and tuck done while they deny them, Lindsey denials come with a little pinch of salt.

Overall, Lindsey Pelas might be telling the truth. To say that a woman having 30H bust must have had plastic surgery done is not all true. To be honest no one can authoritatively tell if Lindsey Pelas has had plastic surgery apart from her. She knows she sells her look for money. Give her peace. Whether fake or natural, it is her life.

Lindsey Pelas has not come out in the open to denial any nose job, liposuction, or botox. However, she admits to not been a fan of any type of plastic surgery. She feels sexiest while she is in her natural state as she says.