Lori LoughlinLori Anne Loughlin, most frequently referred to simply as Lori Loughlin, is a 50 years old American actress. She rose to fame through her long stint as Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis on ABC’s hit show „Full House“, and has since been able to enjoy a successful career in television thanks to shows like Summerland, which co-created, and 90210, her last major TV role.

Sporting the typical sunkissed „LA look“, Loughlin looks fantastic at 50 years old. However, as she grows older and starts playing more mature, „motherly“ roles on TV, the public starts questioning whether her youthfulness is down to good genes or the work of a very good doctor, and Lori Loughlin plastic surgery gossip starts to take shape.

While Lori’s before and after pictures seem to show that the actress is aging quite gracefully, as her features haven’t changed drastically in the 20+ years she’s been on television that does not mean she hasn’t tweaked one of two things to continue looking youthful and at her best.

In fact, the work Lori Loughlin might have had done looks so tastefully natural, with little tell-tale signs, that even surgeons’ Lori Loughlin plastic surgery claims are quite conservative, with some claiming she might have had a facelift, judging by the higher arch of her brows, while others claiming she may have turned to Botox injection to maintain her smooth skin, but that they do not believe the star has actually gone under the knife.

It is easy for everyone to agree that Lori looks amazing and that if she did have any work done, it is quite natural and discreet.

However, it is also undeniable that the star’s complexion looks incredibly smooth, even and plump for her age, which is something that is not to be expected, which is why it looks like she had Botox injections.

Lori Loughlin Before And After Plastic Surgery

While the idea that Loughlin has had Botox injections is the most believable of the surgery rumors related to her, it is also true that her eyes look a little wider and her eyebrows are higher and more arched than they used to be in her youth, suggesting she could have had a facelift.

She showed no other signs of it though, and she hasn’t commented on the matter, so we’ll likely never know.

All in all, Lori Loughlin plastic surgery gossip is much tamer than that surrounding other celebrities, even younger ones, like her former co-star, AnnaLynne McCord. Aside from the claims about her overly smooth and youthful, no other surgery rumors circulate, most likely because her features remain pretty much unchanged.

Whether she did have surgery or Botox done, the truth is Lori Loughlin looks incredible and is still aging quite gracefully, in spite of her youthful look, and that is something everyone – the public, media and surgeons alike – can certainly agree on.

For that, and for maintaining her appearance in a tasteful way, giving a great example of tasteful cosmetic surgery procedures, Lori Loughlin is a role model, which older women should look at when planning to fight to maintain a youthful appearance with the help of the good doctor.