Gillian Anderson plastic surgeryBorn on 9 April 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, Gillian Anderson is among the most celebrated America actresses.

Her captivating looks and great talent in acting are some of the reasons for her success in the entertainment industry. She has starred in a number of movies and shows that you may have come across.

Despite all these achievements, the Gillian Anderson plastic surgery rumor seems here to stay until the truth comes out.

The Chicago born celebrity does not only look young but also very sexy despite her age. Dramatic changes in her looks in the recent past have sparked rumors about the possibility of plastic surgery.

Although she is not the only celebrity facing such rumors, we feel it has affected her career. Before we even look at her face and other parts, Gillian has lost much weight within a few years.

Even though weight loss can bring about changes in appearance, there is a very high possibility that the celebrity went for one or two plastic surgery procedures.

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery before and after

What are some of the speculated surgeries undertaken by Gillian?

Just like any other woman who would continue looking younger and beautiful despite the old age, Botox injections are among the possible sources of such looks. Many plastic surgeons have alleged that Gillian took Botox injections but not as much as the other celebrities, we have seen with horrible looks.

Although we attribute her looks to surgery, we have no doubt in saying that Gillian looks more charming than before. Other surgeons believe that the celebrity began the procedure only to stop after some time because her face is not very smooth and tight as expected of the typical Botox injections.

Looking at her pictures before and after, you can note that her nose looks completely different. This brings us to the possibility that she may have gone for a nose job or Rhinoplasty surgery one or two years ago. The nose appears intended and straighter with a reduced nasal bridge.

Despite her age, Gillian’s face seems to show no single sign of aging including the wrinkles.

The surgeon must have done his or her job very well now that we have seen some surgeries procedures going wrong leaving one uglier than before.

Gillian Anderson before and after plastic surgery

What does Gillian say about the Gossip?

Like most of the celebrities who have denied plastic surgery rumors even when there is enough evidence, Gillian has maintained that her looks are completely natural and she has never visited any surgeon in the name of plastic surgery.

In fact, she adds that this is the last thing that will ever cross her minds.

In conclusion, most of the celebrities within the entertainment industry undergo plastic surgery to maintain their beauty and seemingly, Gillian has joined the group.

Although she has come out and vehemently denied the rumors labeled against her, look at her pictures before and after will give more reasons to doubt her stand.

With the nose looking straighter, the face appearing smooth with no wrinkles and sexy lips, Gillian Anderson plastic surgery is something we need to find the truth about and not from anyone else but herself.

Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After