Patricia ArquettePatricia Arquette is an American Hollywood celebrity who was born on April 8, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois. She has won a number of awards in her career as an actress that include the ‘Emmy Award’ in which she was recognized as the most outstanding lead actress in the drama category.

She was a wife to Nicholas Cage between 1995- 2001 when the two agreed to separate. After that, Patricia married Thomas in the year 2006 but they also divorced in 2011.

Her mother Lewis Arquette was also an actress while her father was equally in the entertainment sector.

Patricia Arquette plastic surgery has been one of the most trending stories on the internet in the recent past. The rumor began when she showed up for her award looking completely different from the way many anticipated to see of the 46-year celebrity.

Although a few people have come out to alleging that her beauty is because of her good genes, there is the likelihood that she underwent some surgery back. If that is the case, then the doctor who is responsible for the same must have done an excellent job since you can tell easily.

Patricia looks fresh and radiant, unlike most women at her age. Before ‘Boyhood’, we suspected that she had received Botox injections because of the change in the appearance of her face.

This is because she has no single line or wrinkles, something that increases our suspicion.

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a surgeon based in Miami, Patricia must have undergone plastic surgery because of her overly smooth forehead. Moreover, her eyes look a bit different when you compare her current photos with those taken when she was just joining the industry. If you have been following her shows for years, you are also in a good position to tell the change in her appearance and particularly her face.

Despite winning a number of awards, the question of plastic surgery still lies unanswered and seemingly it is only her who can tell the world the truth.

Before breast augmentation, she wasn’t satisfied with her breasts for some time. Although she tries to convince everyone denying the surgery, before and after photos prove boob job gossip to be true.

Breast implants obviously changed the shape and size of Patricia Arquette’s breasts. Now, her breasts are bigger and sexier.

After she has undergone breast augmentation she got even more public attention.

Patricia Arquette Before And After Plastic Surgery

Personally, when I saw her on stage with her forehead looking more prominent while her hair pulled back nicely I could not resists her beauty since she was simply amazing.

Why would someone struggle to appear young even when it is clear that she is not? If you asked me whether she has done something with her face, I would not hesitate to say yes.

However, Patricia has come out boldly to deny the rumors going around as she alleges of having one of the most precious skins. This is no strange in the entertainment field now that most of the celebrities perform surgery because of pressure from their fans.

In summary, celebrities in Hollywood have decided to undergo plastic surgery in order to keep themselves young and attractive to their audience. Patricia Arquette is likely to have joined others in the same although she is yet to accept what we think may have happened to her.

From her overly smooth forehead and youthful appearance, we believe she went through surgery. If you are thinking about performing plastic surgery, then you should find a time and ask her where you can find the best surgeons if at what we are seeing is true.