Jocelyn Wildenstein, who is popularly referred to as Catwoman, is not new to plastic surgery. Born on August 5, 1940 in New York City, Jocelyn is one of the most famous socialites known for hitting headlines because of different reasons. The socialite has also become famous because of her extravagant life and seemingly she is not going to change any soon. Hate her or love her, Catwoman loves what she does. Reports indicate that she spent millions of dollars just to ensure that she looks better than she was. This is a Catwoman Plastic Surgery review.

Things did not work well for her since her plastic surgery did not as she anticipated. Looking at her pictures before and after plastic surgery, you can easily see that she has no reason to smile as much as she might not say the same in public. It all started like a simple idea.Jocelyn wanted to show her husband that she looks beautiful little did she know things will not work out as she thought in the first place. Things took a different turn when she discovered her husband in bed with another woman. She had no choice but to divorce him and find another man who could care about her. There are speculations that she underwent different surgical procedures in order to look the way she looks at the moment. Some of the possible procedures sought by the celebrity include the following.

Brow Lift

When you take a close look at the brow of Jocelyn, you can easily tell that she did something. The shape of her brows looks when you compare her pictures before and after plastic surgery. The change in the appearance of her brows can only be attained through surgical procedures and not any other way.


Many celebrities have been going for facelift. Seemingly, Joceyln saw the need to seek for facelift so that she could like some of the young girls we see on the streets of New York. From the look of new face, you can easily tell that the procedure did not help her at all.

Fat Grafting

Fat layers in the skin can affect your looks. It is speculated that Jocelyn were compelled to seek for fat grafting in order to attain a different look that will make her a darling to men. Just like other surgical procedures, fat grafting did not work for her as you can see from the pictures all over the internet.

 Cheek Implants

We cannot rule out possibilities that Jocelyn is likely to have went under the surgeon’s knife for cheek implants. The size of her cheeks speaks it all. As much as aging can attributed to the changes in the look of her cheeks, this is extreme.

In conclusion, Catwoman Plastic Surgery is a good example of plastic surgery gone wrong. Jocelyn looks totally different from the way she was before surgery. It is said that she attempted different surgical procedures but none of them worked for her. Although she says that the procedures have made her to look better, many disagree with her.

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos