Christina El Moussa is a real estate investor and TV personality known to co-host the HGTV series Flip or Flop. She was offered the TV job after spending some years running a vastly popular and successful real estate agency within the South California area. Today, she and her husband run a big real estate known as The El Moussa Group which is based in Orange Country, California. She hosts Flip or Flop together with her husband, Terek El Moussa. Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery rumor has been flying through the media, with her fans joining the world in speculating that she did it, and questioning why she might have done it. The sudden change in her looks has left everyone who knows even the littlest information about her asking questions and demanding answers.

Lip Job

Christina El Moussa has always had a big smile from the moment I first saw her. She always had beautiful lips that whenever she smiled, you’d be tempted to think that the sun and the moon had met. She always smiles so brightly. Now, imagine how she looks now if I tell you that her lips have become even better. It all started when I heard a section of her fans, who couldn’t help noticing the changes in her lips and the rest of her face, being vocal about it. Before and after photos proved just that too. The changes are slight and aren’t easily noticeable to an eye that isn’t so keen. For a celebrity who already had sexy lips to resort for lip job, she made a bold move. Her new lips is an epitome of what a perfect lip job should result to. Her smile is brighter than ever, and the lips are more defined.

Botox Injection

Christina El Moussa, herself might be mum about the plastic surgery allegations, but before and after photos speaks louder than anyone can ever imagine. How would you explain a 33-year-old face that has not the slightest trace of smile lines or wrinkles? Yes, she is still young, but we should see smile lines, to say the least. Even when she was younger, we could see her smile lines. Now, her face is as smooth as a baby’s butt. No wrinkles, no smile lines. Botox injection is used by most celebrities to maintain a youthful look, and it is high likely that Christina El Moussa went through the same procedure. She always is a true beauty queen with or without these plastic surgery procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Christina El Moussa’s breasts kill me every time I lay my eyes on them on the internet. They are voluminous and sexy, to say the least. They are bigger now that they used to be. Some of her fans argue that her boobs have grown naturally, but I don’t think they are right on this. Her boobs have changed within a small time frame, which rules out the natural argument. They are rounder and lifted, giving her a sexier look.

No matter what some of her fans have to say about Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery, but I agree with those who echo the same sentiment as the ones in this review. She has not confirmed these allegations, but her new looks say it all. What are some of the changes you’ve noticed in Christina El Moussa’s looks lately?

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos