Reality television stars and plastic surgery have become inseparable. Each day we hear about celebrities going under the surgeon’s knife in order to correct what they term as flaws. The pressure that comes with being a celebrity has compelled Amber Portwood to consider the idea of improving her appearance as well. Anyway, Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery looks more like a fact than just a rumor.

What Amber Says About Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery?

Unlike other celebrities who have vehemently denied seeking the plastic surgery to improve their looks, Amber has come out and confessed having gone for different surgical procedures. The Tom Mom OG Star has admitted that she visited a surgeon and underwent different surgical procedures that left her looking different from the way she used to be in the past. During one of the interviews, the talented celebrity confirmed that she was recovering from plastic surgery although she did not mention the kind of procedures she had undertaken.

Amber ruled out that she had sought tummy tuck to attain her new looks. This has left her fans speculating over possible surgery is she likely to have sought to give her the new appearance. According to Amber, the experience she went to can be referred to as Mommy Makeover. She claimed that after she lost excessive weight, she opted to seek for help from a surgeon in order to improve they way she was looking. Portwood confessed that she is into Makeover. Apparently, the talented celebrity is likely to think about other surgical procedures in the near future though she has not said much about the same.

Surgery Procedures Sought by Amber Portwood

Despite the fact that Amber is yet to share much about her surgical, we can easily predict some of the processes responsible for her new look. Basing on the general understanding of Mommy Makeover package, here are some of the possible surgical treatment Portwood might have undergone.

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a common plastic surgery procedure. Women who feel uncomfortable with the shape and size of their breasts tend to seek for these procedures in order to change the same. Looking at Portwood pictures before and after surgery, it is not easy to notice that she had breast enlargement but we cannot rule it out.


The rate at which American and other celebrities are going for liposuction clearly shows that they can do anything to look different. Liposuction entails removal of fat layers from the skin layer. The procedure changes the appearance of the lips and other body parts.

Butt Lift

Butt lift is also part of Mommy Makeover package. If Amber sought for Butt lift then the procedure was undertaken by an experienced person. Even if you took the whole day to examine her, it is not easy to tell that she had surgery on her butt. However, you can easily see that she is no longer the same person she was sometime back.

In conclusion, American celebrities have opted to go for plastic surgery. Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery is among the latest entrants in this league. Amber appeared on air and confirmed that she has undertaken plastic surgery though she did not say more about the same.

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos