Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery ControversyStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has had amazing success since she launched her career in 2008.

Known to the world as Lady Gaga and to her huge monster fan base as Mother Monster, she continues to turn heads and get tongues wagging with her jaw-dropping and most times surprisingly heartwarming stunts.

In 2010, Lady Gaga arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards in a meat dress as a statement against the “don’t ask don’t tell” military policy.

This is not the first time the singer has stood up for the voiceless and she is not afraid to make a statement even after the breakup with her long-time boyfriend which has not put a damper on her spirit with the latest one being a rallying call on top of a sanitation truck to the country to act kindly the day after Trump won the elections.

However, what catches the eye about Lady Gaga is her ever-changing appearance which has led to speculation over whether she has had plastic surgery done and what procedures she might have had if any.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery has been the topic of discussion for a while now and it’s about time to put them to the test and lay them to rest.

Gaga has been a big advocate for being yourself and the lyrics from “Born this Way” reflect that. She has come out countless times against plastic surgery because it promotes insecurity and she is all about her little monsters being their true selves.

However, her transformation cannot be explained away as just fine aging. The most visible transformation has been her nose with people suggesting that she has had a nose job but the more plausible explanation is that she has had fillers injected into her nose and even her lips and smile lines in place of plastic surgery.

The fillers are apparently hugely responsible for the changes she has undergone with her look along with the weight fluctuation.

Botox also keeps Mother Monster wrinkle free.

Lady Gaga Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

The one surgery that has been confirmed and which took Lady Gaga out of circulation for a while was the hip surgery she had to undergo after her injury.

Lady Gaga broke her hip while on a tour which left her with craters and a hole in her hip about the circumference of a quarter. The breakage was quite significant with a tear on her inner hip joint and cartilage hanging out on the other side.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before and After

It took a year for her to heal properly after this surgery and it would be quite understandable if there was a Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery scheduled after this to get her back to looking the queen of pop that she is.

The appearance chameleon has changed her look severally over the years from her hair color to her nose and especially her weight.

Just earlier this year, the Little Mermaid posted pictures of herself in a cute yellow bikini after people started raking her over the coals for her weight fluctuations, keeping to her principle of being true to herself and inspiring her Little Monsters.

Lady Gaga Before and After Surgery Procedure

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos