Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon is one of the faces that are known to be on the screen by fans of all ages. Born on October 4th, 1946 this popular actor started winning awards a long time ago with the one making her shoot to the spotlight being the BAFTA award as best actress in “The Client” back in 1995.

Reaching 70 and having aged a little bit from back then the media and all her fans noticed that there seemed to be a reversal in her look, as she spotted a much younger look.

This then fueled the rumors of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Speculation

With the fact that public opinion had changed when it came to Susan Sarandon features her before and after photos have a lot to tell in from most parts of her body.

Admittedly having chosen to age gracefully for a long time, it seemed that finally, the age aspect was getting to her and the only way to improve her looks to still continue being cast on the screen.

To many, this was a bold move as the question of how else would she be cast? Run into everyone’s mind.

Procedures done

Susan Sarandon before and after breast implants

Breast augmentation

Looking at Susan Sarandon bust area one can only think of two things, either that breast growth continues in old age or there was some serious plastic surgery done, because how else would she be spotting a larger bust area?

Having been known to be petite, the breast augmentation rumor came as a surprise and shock to many as there seemed to be no need for her to get breast implants.

However, her fans do agree is that the fuller rounder breasts do in fact distract one from looking at her face and it was a huge success in all ways.

Susan Sarandon before and after boob job


One of the most noticeable things that support the rumor of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is that she no longer has the wrinkles that she spotted a few years ago.

Judging from her before and after photos, her face seems to be a little tighter and her eyebrows lifted a bit higher.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery before and after facelift

Liposuction procedures

To ensure that the youthful look she had gotten from the facelift did not go to waste Susan Sarandon did more to seal the deal.

Looking at her before photos Susan Sarandon can be seen with what one can state are layers of sagging skin on her neck, however, in her more recent photos she is all smooth skinned and her neck cannot reveal her real age.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery response

Susan Sarandon response to the plastic surgery is more than epic. Stating in a popular show the actress went all out and did admit that she had some cosmetic procedures done to her face and neck.

She highlighted that the two huge frown lines on her forehead made her look and feel unattractive.

However, when asked about having had any botox injections, she stated that she not only is afraid of the side effects but that as an actress she needed her face to move and botox is a no for her. Neither confirming nor denying any breast augmentation procedure done to her she only stated in simple words that breasts do help.

Judging by how wonderful all the procedures have turned out to be, many see that Susan Sarandon plastic surgery as a big success.

Having accepted that she has had some work done without overdoing it Susan Sarandon has become envy for many and her fans hope to see in more movies in the future.

Susan Sarandon Before and After Photos