Holly Sonders is a 30 year old American former female golf player and current TV personality. She is known for her swing as well as her striking looks, which stood out both on the field and on the TV screen. Holly is married to Radio and TV personality Erik Kuselias.

With her striking looks and having been featured is several Most Beautiful Women lists, it is no wonder that both men and women wonder about the former female golf player’s face and body. And while the American sports beauty has just hit the age of 30, Holly Sonders plastic sugery rumors aren’t exactly new.

The information about Fox’s US Open host is very little and hard to find, but the online media that does talk about her seems inclined to think the former athlete has had work done, as do golf fans.

A particular feature that seems to stand out on one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf is her bosom. You could really pass it off as being the result of push-up undergarments or tight tops, but it is clearly undeniable that Holly Sonders does have a generous cleavage.

To be fair, while usual Golf attire isn’t exactly the most flattering or revealing, Holly’s chest was already quite prominent back when she played the sport. However, the sexier clothing she’s been wearing for a number of photo shoots leave a lot less to the imagination and show a well developed and shaped pair of boobs, which make it impossible not too wonder whether or not she’s had a boob job.

Aside from her breasts, the only feature that really stands out are Holly’s lips. It would be incorrect to say the sportswoman ever had thin lips, but they do look a little unnaturally full in her recent Instagram pictures, suggesting she has joined the celebrity trend of the latest years and maybe had some lip fillers injected.

Holly Sonders is still quite young at 30 years old, so it’s hard to believe she would have indulged in any anti-aging procedures. However, Botox is being recommended to young men and women as a treatment for everything from migraines to acne. It is now also claimed to work better if used as a preventative measure as opposed to trying and erase existing signs of aging.

Given this information, it is perfectly possible that the US Open’s host has earned her looks through less invasive cosmetic procedures. However, the TV host does deny any Holly Sonders plastic surgery rumors by firmly claiming that she is “all natural”, as do many other celebrities.

It is quite unclear whether Holly speaks truthfully or not given what little media attention she gets out of the sports world and how little her appearance has in fact changed. One also must note that she used to be an athlete and is now a TV personality, which means she dresses, gets made up and carries herself much differently.

Finally, one must also note that Holly Sonders is 30 years old, so while some cosmetic enhancements would definitely be an option for her, she likely doesn’t have a lot of aging signs to correct yet.