melania-trump-plastic-surgery-controversyMelania Trump is a Slovene-American world-renowned former model. She is the third wife of the 2016 U.S Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Melania is known to have achieved great accolades in the height of her career as a model. There have been many rumors about her plastic surgery interests. If you see her recent photos, she is totally different. These changes did not just come naturally. We delve into the genesis of her career to unearth her life as a model.

We will look at the rumors and inform you if Melania went for the surgery.

These are bare facts, rumors, and gossip about Melania Trump Plastic Surgery procedures.

Do you believe in Melania Trump Plastic Surgery? This is a question that a majority of fashion entrepreneurs, models and surgeons are asking in low tones.

A comparison of her latest photos with her previous photos tells a lot about some drastic changes in her body. Her face looks tender. Currently, you can hardly tell her real age. She looks so beautiful, soft and unblemished. This rarely happens to women in her age bracket. According to reviews and gossip rumors, she went for an expensive nose job. Her nose is more projecting.

You can tell this by looking at her past photos. Her boobs are round and much bigger than in her before photos.

This could be sure proof that the model went for some boob job or implants to change her looks.


Speculations indicate that Melania has been in love with some expensive cosmetic surgeries. The social media has people who spend more hours online.

They try to read about the perfect plastic surgery procedure and get more information about celebs that have had successful surgeries. She looks so unnatural and you can hardly recall her. According to rumors, she should have gone for injections and expensive breast implants to lift her once sagging breasts.

Though some facts may not carry accurate data to support these claims, there seems to be some new appearances and changes in her body that we will be mentioning.

She has not been so free to openly confess of any expensive plastic procedure she chose, but just like any other celebrity; she will not want people to think that she is fighting old age, by all means, to look cute.


The latest statistics about her looks shows that she might have opted for some skin care as well as Botox injections. Melania Trump Plastic Surgery news comes at a time when her hubby is seriously contending for the top seat.

Trump has never responded to any claims about him funding his third wives’ highly priced surgeries. She may have gone for Botox injection. Botox injection has been rated as the top most preferred method that most mid-aged women prefer in the USA.

Research shows that Americans fears getting older and that is why they usually go to other extremes to look for the most possible ways of fighting wrinkles by all means.

This makes sure that their faces look flawless and smooth all the time.


Melania Trump Plastic Surgery facts and rumors continue to spread like bushfire as we wait for her self-confession.

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Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos