Born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, John Travolta is one of the most talented and wealthy Hollywood actors. Travolta made his first appearance in the popular TV series Emergency.

He also starred as Billy Nolan in Carrie filmed in 1976. The high-ranking celebrity became more popular in 1970 after he acted in Saturday Night Fever and Grease.

Travolta has also starred in Pulp fiction, Get Shorty, Look who’s talking and many other movies that we might mention for now.

Did John Travolta go for plastic surgery?

It is not strange to hear about plastic surgery rumors in Hollywood. With the increasing number of celebrities going under the knife to maintain their youthful looks, we cannot afford to ignore any rumors until we find the truth. At the age of 60 years, Travolta looks more charming than his age-mates do.

Apparently, the actor succumbed to the pressure within the industry to interfere with his aging. During the 2014 Oscar awards, many people criticized him for his plastic surgery kind of looks. Most people attributed his looks to plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift.

His appearance generated a lot of attention on social with thousands on his fans tweeting negatively about his appearance. What does the actor say about the rumors about the procedures that he has undergone over the years?

Very few Hollywood have come out to admit that they went for plastic surgery and John Travolta is no different. The actor has denied the allegations severally.

However, the way his face appears, we have more reason to question the source of his appearance.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery facelift before after

Probable John Travolta Plastic Surgery Procedures

Although we are not certain about the procedures are undertaken by the celebrity, his pictures before and after surgery clearly show that he has changed.

Some of the possible surgical procedures that surgeons have attributed with his looks include. Looking at his pictures carefully, John Travolta does not have a single sign of aging. Seemingly, the actor went for Botox injections and facelifts to hide these marks. Unlike in the past, his face looks like one made from wax.

The 60-year actor has the same skin as a 15-year young boy from New York with no single wrinkle or any other sign of aging.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery – Hair Implants

John Travolta Plastic Surgery hair before after

During the 2014 Oscar Awards, John Travolta turned up with an impeccable figure characterized by full hair, which brought about speculations of plastic surgery. Many people concluded that the actor had worn a headpiece or mesh. The change in his hair was very clear at the sides of his head. In conclusion, we have many reasons to believe that the pressure to remain flawless and youthful has overpowered John Travolta.

This comes after instant changes in his appearance.

Travolta’s face looks completely different. At his old age, the actor seems to grow younger, which should not be the case. Even if you take a whole day to examine his face, you will not come across wrinkles or any other mark.

Although he has denied the rumors, John Travolta plastic surgery story is here to stay.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos