Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery ControversyLindsay Lohan is a talented American actress, model, producer and artist who does not need any introduction to anyone who knows about the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Born in New York, the 29-year-old actress began her modeling career at the age of three years. When she was eleven years old, Lindsay landed a role in “The Parent Trap”. She has also starred in several movies including Freaky Friday as well as Mean girls just to mention a few of them. These roles made her more popular among her fans not only in the United States of America but also in the entire world.

Soon after she came into the limelight, her name became the talk on social media, tabloids and among paparazzi. For many years, she has faced issues to do with drug abuse, something that has affected her career to the point that she was asked to go for rehab.

This lifestyle turned from being a cute, charming and talented actress into someone very problematic.

When the rumors about Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery began doing rounds all over the internet, no one was taken aback.

The rumors about Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery are here to stay considering the fact that she has given paparazzi, celebrity enthusiasts as well as her own fans a lot of material to talk about whenever they get a chance to do so. As soon as the gossip about plastic surgery came out, Lindsay found her name everywhere.

Social media and other sources of information were filled with her photos before and after surgery.

From the beauty that every man would admire to date, Lindsay became horrible. According to surgeons, it looks like she undertook the following surgical procedures to improve her looks.

Lip Injections

Lip injection is a very popular procedure among American actresses and actors. Looking at Lindsay’s lips, they have greatly changed.

Her lips look fuller than they were, a clear indicator that she went under the surgeon’s knife to correct what she thought were flaws. When she smiles, her lips look lifeless.

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Cosmetic Surgery


Facelift left Lindsay looking completely different when you compare her pictures before and after this treatment. The surgical procedure changed her face entirely especially when you take a look at her cheeks.

The cheeks do not match with the natural look of her face giving us more reasons to investigate the source of her looks.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Breast augmentation

American women are obsessed with large breasts. Apparently, Lindsay has decided to join the bandwagon of those when who want large breasts. Breast augmentation has made her end up with big boobs than before.

Although she seems comfortable with the size of her breasts, she looks like someone else we are not used to.

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Surgery Procedure

In conclusion, Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery has left many people talking. It is alleged that she went for breast augmentation, facelift, and lip injection to make retain her youthful looks.

Ordinary people have continued to question why she decided to see a surgeon when she looking beautiful.

Despite the effort she has made, Lindsay does not look better than she was before seeking help from a surgeon.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos