Snooki Plastic Surgery ControversyNicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, is a reality star. She is known for her role in “Jersey Shore”. Fans are accusing Snooki of indulging in too much plastic surgery.

Just like most other celebrities, Snooki Plastic Surgery has sparked unending discussions among Hollywood fans. This highly talented young woman is openly using various plastic surgery procedures to enhance her naturally striking looks.

The fact that she isn’t hiding it does not mean she should continue doing it. Her fans fear that she might eventually destroy her looks if she continues to get cosmetic procedures. Snooki looks completely different from the way she looked six years ago. Do you think plastic surgery is the only reason she looks so different?

Nose Job

When you look at Snooki’s most recent photos and compare them with her before photos, a serious nose job will come to mind. Her nose is quite different from what it used to be.

Her nose might not be the most speculated area but it is worth considering. This is one of the areas that changed tremendously after her last pregnancy. Her nose has been reduced in size and its shape has been modified too.

Do you think Snooki had a nose job?

Snooki Before and After Surgery Procedure

Breast Augmentation

Snooki is also rumored to have had breast augmentation surgery to enhance her boobs.

During her pregnancy, Snooki said many times that she will go for plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts. Comparing before and after photos reveal that her breast now looks bigger and fuller than before. This is a clear indication that she had her boobs done just like she had said before. I must admit that her boobs look excellent today.

Her gorgeous looks coupled with her sexy smile, Snooki’s looks leave many men admiring and women envying.

Do you love her new breasts?

Snooki Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Botox Injection

When it comes to the Botox injection rumors, Snooki has been very open about it. In fact, she even shared her photos as she was undergoing the procedure. Snooki has this unique beauty and a perfectly smooth face that is not normal.

Botox is many celebrities favorite procedure and is perfect for those who want to maintain a youthful appearance. She got Botox injected in the forehead area. Before and after photos reveal that she no longer have wrinkles, and even the smile lines are gone.

Even though her fans like her for being open about the procedures, they still think she should take a break from plastic surgery.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lip Job

Snooki also admitted to her lip job rumors. When she went for Botox injection, she also got her lips plumped a little. Her lips have clearly become bigger and thicker. You don’t even have to look closely to see the changes in her lips. Her smiles have also become better. I would kiss those lips even if they were to kill me if I did. They look good, and her fans love them too.

Snooki Plastic Surgery is not rumored any more. She has admitted to most of them, even though some are just rumors. Even though she still looks beautiful, her appearance has changed a little too much.

Many of her fans think she might reach a point where they won’t recognize her anymore if she continues with her plastic surgeries.

Isn’t she stunning?

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos