Kerry WashingtonShe has been the face of some of the most phenomenal movies. Most recently her role in the TV series ’Scandal’ has given her the kind of media attention she deserves.

Kerry Washington has always been one of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. This is without a shadow of a doubt. Many are of the opinion that despite Kerry Washington’s plastic surgery, she has maintained an almost natural look.

Hers has been one of the most successful procedures in the history of celebrity plastic surgery.

There is a clear difference in terms of her looks from her before and after photos. Although Kerry has not denied or accepted these claims, it is evident that she had one or two modifications on her face.

One of the most obvious changes is her now fairly pointed noise from a minor nose job.

The mastery with which it has been done complements her other facial feature giving her more mature look.

Kerry Washington before and after plastic surgery

Kerry’s youthful and gorgeous look is one that is going stand for years. Upper eyelid surgery has gone a long way in making her eyes stand out.

This has been an amazing touch to her overall look. Some Botox plus facial fillers have gone a long way in making sure she has smooth skin and a near natural glow.

From a medical point of view, going for facial fillers plus Botox is quite a risky move. This demands a pitch-perfect balance so as to get results. It seems Kerry Washington got herself an expert.

You can hardly tell she has undergone some modifications.

Her plastic surgery is one of those that have gone extraordinarily well. Maybe she is simply lucky or maybe she simply played her cards right.

A fuller face and lips are some of the new features of Kerry’s new look. Rumor has it she opted for fuller lips almost similar to what Angelina Jolie went for. Although this is subject to opinion these do her justice. You be the judge.

Kerry Washington is a force to reckon with in the world of entertainment. Her plastic surgery has given her the boost that she needs in terms of confidence and wit.

From the cute face in ’Save the last dance’ to a more mature and feminine look in ’Scandal’; she stands out as one of Hollywood’s finest.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After

Was her surgery worth it?

Maybe or maybe not. Some prefer the old Kerry Washington; Cute yet from a different angle, very stunning.

On the other hand, others are glad the face fillers and injections have eradicated the tiny wrinkles that present around her cheeks and on the forehead.

Regardless of all the opinions dished out about her surgery, the fact remains that Kerry Washington looks stunning. Her choice of wardrobe and her gorgeous frame are an added advantage to her new look.

The expertise and skill with which the surgery was done have done her justice.

Kerry Washington’s plastic surgery was a total success. Her new facial features look priceless and they have done wonders for her career.

Be the judge, were the cosmetic procedures really worth it?