Anna Faris Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery is usually a handy tool in upgrading your looks or altering that body part appearance that you hate most. It gives you an option to near body perfection.

Plastic surgery is an option often sorted out for by celebrities and women. Some results are positive and others are just a disaster. The first step to making sure you get stunning results from your plastic surgery is finding a reputable plastic surgeon.

For some people, they also get obsessed with altering their looks until they get addicted to plastic surgeries.

For many celebrities, however, it can be admitted that the results are usually astounding and great. Taking a case example at Anna Faris plastic surgery results which turned out great will even make you get tempted to consider getting some yourself. 

Anna Faris is a singer and actress known for her comedic role in the scary movie series. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She started acting at the age of 9. She landed her first film role after college in 1999 and has landed several acting roles since then.

Her latest hot film role being in the scary movie series. She was noted to have a different capsize after the scary movie one series. Most people do agree that she looks hot, more sexy and different. Although, there are some of her fans who did prefer her old looks.

She did admit to having gone for the plastic surgery after her divorce. Many columnists and celebrity watchers did argue that she enhanced her looks to increase her fans and followers. She defended those allegations and said that chose the option as a way to make herself feel better.

Anna Faris breast implants 2003 - 2011 photos

It is rumored that Anna not only got a breast implant but she also got Botox injections, eyebrow lifts, nose job, and lips job. Her skin got toned and tightened. In general, her facial surgery makes her look young and vibrant.

Some plastic surgeries do fail for some people but not for Anna Faris’ case. It is agreeable that all her plastic surgery has turned out great. Also, the important thing is that she feels great and satisfied with her new looks. Her fans also did agree to Anna Faris looking fresher and sexier with her new looks.

If you do compare her before and after look, you will note that her eyes are more awake, her lips are a bit plump and much curvier, her skin is toned and wrinkle-free, her nose bridge is smaller and has moved from a capsize A to C. She has both positive and negative responses from her fans and critics. The most important thing, despite these critics and reviews, is how she feels about these changes.

She said in her comments about her surgery that “it was so much fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy”, to mean that she feels great! Anna Faris plastic surgery process was a huge success and in overall, it can be agreed that she really does look better, younger, fresher, and sexier than before!