Any celebrity would tell you that being in the limelight is not an easy task. They are constantly getting scrutinized and judged concerning their appearance.

It can get quite tough especially if you are getting older. This is because you have no more youthful looks to make you stand out. Most celebrities, therefore, turn to plastic surgery to not only fix some of their flaws but to stem off the effects of aging as well. Marnie Simpson has not been left out on all this.

Marnie Simpson Nose Job is one of the most talked about when it comes to famous celebrity plastic surgery procedures.

Marnie Simpson’s fame catapulted in the year 2009 when she made an appearance in Geordie Shore in the seventh season.

She started out at 19 years of age and she was without a doubt a natural beauty; she had really good hair, really big boobs and everything about her was simply flawless. However, this did not remain the case. She decided to alter her looks with the help of plastic surgery in an effort to look even better than she looked when she started out.

One of her nose jobs was done in 2014 when the 9th season of the show was airing. The second nose job was done after she broke up with her fiancé Ricky Rayment; the two got engaged in season 11 of Geordie Shore and later broke up due to pressure from the engagement.

The procedure was meant to get rid of a pump on her nose.

Marnie has also had two boob jobs done. She said that her first boon job was not very successful at is left her scarred and her nipples were uneven.

In an interview, she said that she had been embarrassed to let her fiancé see them. She, therefore, had another boob job done to correct the unevenness and the scarring.

Marnie Simpson Nose Job: A Job Done Right

Unlike many celebrities who would not want anyone to find out that they have had plastic surgery procedures done, this is not the case for Marnie. She has admitted to all her plastic surgery procedures.

She even said that she is addicted to having lip fillers done and that she gets them once in a period of four months. If it wasn’t for her honesty, some of the procedures would not be so obvious to the public especially since she started out having some of them already done. One thing is however certain; she looks great with the alterations.

What do you think?

Did Marnie Simpson make the right choice?

Marnie Simpson Nose Job: A Job Done Right

In conclusion, many celebrities have had different procedures are done that ended up changing their entire appearance and making them look unrecognizable.

Marnie Simpson Nose Job and other plastic surgery procedures are however different. The procedures have improved her appearance and she does not look as terrible as some of the celebrities we have seen.

However, there is a reason to believe that her addiction to plastic surgery may end up being something she cannot control and it might ruin her appearance especially as she starts getting older and requiring more and more procedures to make her look younger than she is.

Marnie Simpson Nose Job Before and After Photos