Melissa RiversMelissa Rivers has been in the spotlight ever since her mother Joan Rivers passed on.

However, one particular reason is her ever-changing face. Being an actress is better known in Fashion Police and The Apprentice, Melissa has no doubt gone under the knife several times.

Noted for saying she is “Fixing” previous mistakes, the late 40s beauty does not mind sharing Melissa Rivers plastic surgery secrets with the world.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Transformation

Nose Job Surgery

With all the rumors of her plastic surgery, the most noticeable one is her nose. With her previous nose, a little rounder at the tip and wider, her more recent shape is more defined and slimmer.

Still, with the very edge still a little bit too round, it looks almost unnatural in the end. However, this is the first plastic surgery confession she made, stating she was rectifying a horrible nose job procedure done when she was a teenager.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eyebrow Lift

Without even considering Melissa Rivers before and after photos, there is a distinct change in her eyebrows. Even though this is one of those Melissa rivers Plastics surgery rumors she is yet to confirm, she spots eyebrows that are noticeably higher. However considering that it makes her face look more put together, removing all the signs of aging then this was indeed a success.

Melissa Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Cheek Implants

In previous years before any cheek augmentation gossip started, Melisa Rivers had cheeks that were only fuller at the tip areas.

This makes it look more like baby fat with the rest of the face being rather slim. However, in recent years it seems like the baby fat has been contoured, giving her a fuller face and higher cheeks all round.

Although the fillers used no doubt gave her the mature look she was going for, her nose suffered the consequences.

This resulted in her having to go for more nose jobs with the alteration of her cheeks.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Botox Injections

Apart from all the plastic surgeries, Melisa Rivers has undergone, it seems like she is an avid user of Botox as well.

The first rumors on her hidden pleasures started as being a woman in her late 40s she should show some obvious signs of aging. Instead spotted flawless, smooth and radiant skin as a teenager.

However, with her recent appearances on the red carpet, Melisa seems to not only have a frozen face that prohibits her from making normal everyday expressions on her forehead but she could not smile at all.

Melissa Rivers After Plastic Surgery

Lip Fillers

Although Melisa is known for having the perfect smile, her lips were just not playing ball. To rectify this problem, Melisa Rivers seems to have gone for lip injections to make them fuller, if her before and after photos are anything to go by.

However, the disaster came in as some parts of her lips seem fuller than others, making it all seem just nasty.

Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

With Melissa Rivers plastic surgery confession stating that she is actually fixing previous plastic surgeries, it seems the beauty will soon turn into a beast if this trend continues.

However having not denied some of the procedures done, fans watching can’t help but plead with her to stop the same trend as her mother and try to age gracefully.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After photos