Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins is an Australian model, TV presenter and beauty queen. She has so many job titles to her name. She was Miss Universe Australia, Miss Universe 2004 and is also a Myers Ambassador being the current face of the Australian department store.

She is also a host on Australia’s next top model. This Australian beauty has had a successful career with many endorsements and worldwide recognition.

Well, that is for the most positive part. Jennifer Hawkins has faced a lot of criticism in connection to her numerous plastic surgeries ever since she became Miss Universe.

Ever since she was reigning queen in 2004 there have been numerous notable alterations in her body. Numerous rumors and endless media speculations have revealed that this beauty has had cocktail surgeries such as chin surgery, cheek implants, and lip work.

The lasso is really quick to go to her own defense claiming she has maintained her naturalness all through her career. She is swift to deny such claims and instead has attributed her superb body frame to personal workout and lots of fitness training. She also gives credit to her makeup artist who is really good, proper dieting and skin regimens that aren’t the same as what she was using 7 years back.

Her reasons sure do make sense since it is only common sense that she now has a million dollar job that can foot her skin care regimen.

She can comfortably afford to have a skin care plan that’s improved compared to seven years ago. On the other hand, it is all a bit too convenient since her before and after pictures display too many changes.

The model is known for her personality that is exuberant and vibrant. Scherri-Lee Biggs who was Miss Universe Australia in 2011 has staged accusations that Jennifer exceeded her boundaries in her beauty search, claims which Jennifer strongly denied and publicly spoke about.

Jennifer Hawkins Before And After Plastic Surgery

She seems really different now and it leaves many wondering what it is that she does that’s working in her favor. It could be a simple effect from losing weight and she has now grown maturely beautiful. She completely denies going for surgery of whatever kind.

Whatever the beauty is doing has been working in her favor. Her beauty is more enhanced and she looks young and fresh. She has been a victim of social media taunting with many going for her fake looks saying she looks unrecognizable.

She has been accused of being a poor role model to girls who are looking up to her. Jennifer put these allegations to rest saying that women are known to age gracefully and the older they grow the better they get. She has grown more confident and aware of her beauty and she now has a wider understanding of health, fitness and getting her makeup done right to enhance her all-natural beauty even more.

Seemingly the Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery gossip is just that and there is little that can be done about it. She really does look great and it could be that many are envious of her and are trying to taint her name. She sure does give plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures a bad name.