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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Claims

Robin McGraw Plastic SurgeryRobin McGraw is wife to the renowned television talk show personality; Dr. Phil. The 61 year old born star in Irving, Texas, is an actress as well as an author. Her much acclaimed debut book was titled Inside My Heart. This book features the principles and life choices that side with God’s will. Her other bestselling book is, What’s Age Got to Do with It? , that shares all her top secrets to achieve success.

Besides her success, Robin McGraw has managed to maintain her youthful looks which many critics attribute to plastic surgery. The speculation of Robin McGraw’s plastic surgery has been on the news now for a while.

Robin has responded sternly to this rumor claiming that she has never undergone any form of plastic surgery. She also said that her appearance is as a result of her efforts to maintain her body through natural means. Robin gave further details, stating that she uses a hydrating hand crème to shun aging effects for her hands. The hands, she said, are usually the first parts that reveal that a woman has started aging. Robin McGraw further stated that she had unearthed a natural way of making a woman’s face look more youthful. This transformation of the face would be taken for a facelift.

Robin McGraw porcelain veneers

Word has it that the new Robin McGraw is far cry from the way she looked before. A couple of her fans have attested to this gossip claiming she looks a lot different than the way she was before. The critics allege that she must have had Botox injections to treat wrinkles and any frown lines on the face. They also claim that she has had a nose job. Robin has a naturally perfect looking pair of lips. Critics believe that her lips are nothing close to natural but are instead lip implants.

Dr. Phil with his wife Robin McGraw

The fact that she was born in the 1950s yet looks very young is something that continues to startle many. The media speculations also have it that she has had had a boob job done. She looks as if she has had some breast augmentation. Her glowing and nearly perfect face is also something to doubt about. Critics say that the cosmetic procedure must have included cheek implants which give her the splendid facial shape she now has.

Rumors by her critics began soon after her before and after pictures got posted on the internet. These photos have been compared and contrasted a great deal; arriving at the conclusion that Robin indeed had a plastic surgery. The latest photos make her look extremely younger than she should when compared to her age. This is the most evidential fact that critics are using to spread word about the plastic surgery theory.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery before and after

Lots of celebrities have had to face such and worse allegations at some point in their lives. Critics usually spread negative things so as to taint a celebrity’s name and career life. Robin McGraw’s plastic surgery assumption is therefore nothing new. Whether these speculations are true or false is an issue that remains shrouded in mystery.



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8 Responses

  1. Melissa

    I don’t understand why you chose the phrase “shrouded in mystery”. It’s obvious that Robin McGraw has had plastic surgery. She looks completely different now. There’s no way anything other than surgery would make her look like she does. She definitely has had a facelift and lip injections. Certainly Botox injections as well. I don’t understand why celebrities lie about it. It’s a shame she didn’t choose to grow old gracefully. She would have looked so much better that way.

    • Sharline

      I agree Melissa . . . why can’t these celebrities just admit when they’ve had plastic surgery? She looks unnatural for 61 years of age.

    • In Robin’s case, The sweet kind person she is was not enough for her, she wanted self approval… many woman with money they do it…. with such an intelligent, beautiful, great personality handsome man as her husband she did not wanted to loose him … maybe she found the competition hard. But that is ok, she likes to look that way.

  2. Brandy

    I really enjoy watching the Dr. Phil show and she’s always walked off the set with Dr. Phil. I think that she looks way too young. She also looks like she’s lost alot of weight and I’ve noticed that Dr. Phil seems to have had a brow lift. I don’t think that having the surgery is wrong if it makes someone feel good about themselves. The thing that bothers me is the denial. Even though I believes that she looks too young, it’s her choice. It’s wonderful if she can afford those upgrades cause I know there are things I’d like to have done but I really think that dening that the changes that everyone have seen are from cosmetic surgery is just a sort of insult to the intelligence of those support both her and Dr. Phil. We Support Ya’ll but not being honest is disappointing.

  3. I agree that she’s had work done, it’s obvious. I don’t care that she has; however, my problem is with the fact she is selling products and advice based on lies, and is taking advantage of women and promoting unrealistic goals to continue raking in cash. She is exploiting the vulnerability of women in regards to physical appearance, then claims to be a woman’s rights advocate. I think she’s a crook and a liar. But I will still watch Dr. Phil, but I never watch her bogus beauty tip episodes. She certainly found a fountain of youth, it’s the fountain of cash she makes selling lies that she uses to pay for surgery in order to “prove” her false claims of eternal youth.

    • Bridget

      Bingo! This is the same thing I’ve been saying! I, too, turn the show off when Robin comes on selling her products. The least she could do is buy real commercial airtime and get off the show!

  4. Lynn

    She looks awful…

  5. Kim

    Just watched dr Phil today and noticed Robin looks so different – her eyebrows, lips, eyes do not look as they did 2 years ago. Why would I buy her products unless she includes the truth?

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