Blake Lively Plastic SurgeryBlake Ellender Brown, known professionally as Blake Lively, is an American model, actress, and household Goddess. She is better known for her starring roles on the hit TV series Gossip Girl and both of the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” movies.

Blake has been married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012, whom she met on the set of the hit movie “Green Lantern”. Blake’s beauty and style have been admired in recent years as she graces several red carpets for premieres, film festivals, and charity events.

Blake Lively is a gorgeous young woman and is rapidly becoming a fashion and beauty icon, at just 26 years old, and with not so many acting roles under her belt, so it’s natural for people to wonder if her looks are all real, and for Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors to emerge.

The two main Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors suggest the actress, who played Serena van der Woodsen in the TV adaptation of the famous Gossip Girl books, has turned to the surgeon’s knife both for a nose job and a boob job.

However, public, media and specialist opinion seem to be divided on the subject of whether Blake Lively has gone under the knife’ or not, especially as the actress has denied these claims in the past.

Blake Lively before and after breast implants

While some take her on her word that she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done, other websites, some specialized in celebrity cosmetic surgery and even some gossip and fashion ones, are quick to point out the difference in Blake Lively’s appearance from her early 20s to more recent years.

The actress may even get away with blaming her body shape on exercise and good metabolism’, but the difference in her nose is quite obvious, as a lot of internet experts point out, citing plastic alleged plastic surgery before and after pictures.

Where once there was a wider, flatter nose, now there is an elegant, slimmed and pointed nose, only possible to achieve through rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job.

Blake Lively Nose Job Plastic Surgery before and after

As for the breast implants Blake Lively plastic surgery rumor, the actress also seems to be hell-bent on denying the undeniable. She still insists on saying her shapely figure is the result of exercise.

However, the only two plausible reasons to get a breast augmentation like hers naturally are pregnancy and weight gain, which none of her before and after pictures show. What they do show is that as her image was refined, her breasts are bigger and shapelier, so as to fit high fashion red carpet numbers.

It is uncertain and quite strange why Blake Lively insists on denying her plastic surgery history, especially as the media and the public seem to agree these cosmetic procedures were performed to enhance and perfect her image. It lent her a much sexier, more sophisticated image, which helped in achieving and cementing her image as an American sweetheart and a fashion and beauty icon, landing her on the most prestigious runways and red carpet events and covers of magazines like Vogue.

A measured and tasteful couple of procedures like those she reportedly has done can also help her achieve a more mature image and land her better roles to further her career. Blake Lively plastic surgery is and should be, an inspiration for her fans and those who want to follow in her legacy.