Joel Scott Osteen is among the most famous televangelists in the world whose sermons uplift the spirits of millions every week. He is a senior pastor at Lakewood Church, which is based in Houston, TX. His sermons are televised and viewed by more than seven million people weekly and more than twenty million every month in over a hundred countries. Osteen’s sermons are also broadcast on a twenty four basis on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Osteen has also written several books, seven of which are New York Time best sellers. Joel Osteen also has an impressive physique and facial appearance, given that he is now 54 years old. This is one of the reasons that have led to speculations about Joel Osteen plastic surgery.

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The temptation to undergo plastic surgery to enhance one’s looks is difficult to resist. Cosmetic surgery has become more common and many men are accepting it. Even ministers of the gospel cannot easily deny the lure. Many people suspect that Joel Osteen has undergone plastic surgery because his face appears unnatural.

Joel Osteen plastic surgery before and after photo

There is a speculation that he may have had Botox injections. The use of Botox is common in many parts of the world. Many people get Botox injections to eliminate the signs of aging. If you look at the before and after plastic surgery images of Osteen, you will notice that his forehead appears flawless and it is nearly frozen. This might be the outcome of Botox injections.

There are no visible wrinkles on Osteen’s forehead, which is not the norm for people his age. Before Botox, his face appeared much natural. People speculate that he had a bit too much Botox, which affected his appearance negatively. His appearance was better before cosmetic surgery intervention. However, this did not last and it appears that Osteen did not want his viewers see wrinkles on his face.

Botox is a great way to gain a youthful looking face without taking the risk of undergoing a surgical procedure. If Osteen’s cosmetic surgeon could have injected Botox wisely, he would have a perform looking youthful face. Unfortunately, his forehead now looks unnaturally shiny and smooth.

Victoria and Joel Osteen Botox Family

His unnatural looking facial skin has become a discussion topic in some forums. Many have noticed his facial alteration well and say that he has indeed consulted with a cosmetic surgeon. It is easy to believe this because the difference in before and after photos is clear.

Is it possible that his wife Victoria, who is rumored to have undergone cosmetic surgery, inspired Osteen to get Botox? Well, it is difficult to know, but it is clearly evident that the couple’s facial skin has a similar unnatural look. Hopefully, his stiff forehead does not disturb his viewers.

The topic of pastors undergoing plastic surgery to improve their appearance is still controversial. Many people are wondering if this is true or not. However, it is possible that the rumors about Joel Osteen plastic surgery have some truth behind them. According to an article on, written by Patrick Rogers and Vickie Bane, Joel Osteen stated that there are certain things that he does not rule out and plastic surgery is one of them. He affirmed that he can undergo it in order to look good.